Thursday, January 06, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas morning the kids all waited patiently for all the sleepy adults to wake up.
Another attempt at a cousins picture.  Blake was trying to help Chase sit.  So cute.
Chase was ready to open!
 Love my kiddos
Chase's first Christmas
The one thing she wanted: Baby Cicci Bello (yep)
Kourtney wanted an American girl doll... she just told us a little too late (like a week before Christmas!).  So we know what's on the list for this year.  Instead she settled for the very cute knock off.
Blake got a Buzz Lightyear wing pack
 Our traditional wrapping paper angels
Got a little crazy this year.  There were some minor injuries, but I think they all had fun.

 The fun part is always trying to get in to the packaged toys.  You'd think they actually didn't want us to get them open.
Chase was exhausted from all the excitement.
No, we will NOT be having a 4th :)  It was fun having a baby around though!
Blake was pretty protective of his things.  He did not want Chase slobbering on his toys.  So Chase opted for shoes the whole time :)
After opening gifts mom and I started cooking and everyone else headed outside.  They started chopping the tree down and burning things. 
 Then yummy lunch
The kids table :) 

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