Monday, October 04, 2010

Our first sleep over

I must say that I was nervous about this.  I wasn't sure what to expect, where exactly the girls would want to sleep, if anyone would get somesick, etc...  But I am the master when it comes to kids, so how hard could this be?  It was a blast! 
These were the cupcakes I made for Kourtney's birthday.  They were tons of fun.  Then I had an idea to get each girl a blanket and just happened to find these fleece blankets at Target for $2.50!  And the masks I got at the dollar store.  I really lucked out.  Then I just used stickers and card stock paper to make the name tags.  It was very fun.
This is Blake  :)  The little brother
My 3 kiddos in cupcakes

So I picked Kourtney up from school and headed to Homestead to pick up her church friends and go out to eat.  Her choice of restaurant: Olive Garden.  So funny because I used to pick Olive Garden for my birthday.
The sleep over girls (btw, I love that lil sis McKenna was a part of this fun experience and shares same friends)
 Baby Alive
 Waitors singing
Then we all drove to Key Largo for the main event!
 First things first, of course
 Blake was so much fun.  He hung with the girls and they didn't seem to mind.
 Then the girls got to paint the purses.  Thanks to my mom for sending those!  Such a cute find.
And of course there was playing going on
But my favorite part of the night was movie time!  Sara told me, "You better not tell my mom how much junk food you let us eat.  I know you are good friends but she would be mad at you."  LOL!  All they had was popcorn, coke, and jelly beans.  She said, I don't get to eat candy all night like this.  She thought it was so cool.  Kourtney was the first to crash!  She slept in Blake's bed (Blake was in our room).  McKenna was 2nd to go in her own bed, and the rest of the girls insisted on sleeping with the tv on low volume in the living room on the couches.  It was so funny. 
Such sweet little girls we had over!  Happy Birthday Kourtney!!!

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