Friday, September 03, 2010

Triathlon and cupcakes

Travis did his 2nd sprint triathlon in Pembroke Pines.  So we stayed the night with JT and Anne so the whole family could go watch daddy.  We woke up at 4:45 and loaded the kids into the car for the hour drive north.  The kids were so excited to see daddy race and kept asking if he was going to come in 1st.  Daddy can do anything, you know?  We did have to fight off mosquitos and got a few ant bites while dragging my not-made-for-wet-grass umbrella stroller through the wet grass to avoid bike and running baths through the park.  We were absolutely sweaty and disgusting by the time we left, but we had a great time!
Travis and I had been watching Cupcake Wars one day and there was a bakery from Miami called Cupcake Nouveau that was featured on the show.  Travis said I want to take you there!  Since we were already going to be north for the triathlon we figured we would go there afterwards.  Just so happened there was another cupcake shop, Misha's Cupcakes, next to Five Guys (where we ate lunch, mmm) and it was only a couple miles from Cupcake Nouveau.
I would say Cupcakes Nouveau had the superior tasting cupcakes
but Misha's had cute boxes.  Can't eat a box though :)  Overall I had a lot of fun pretending to be a judge with my mother in law, Anne.  :)

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