Sunday, August 01, 2010

Disney 2010

One word H O T !!!!!!!!!!  Oh my was it hot.  My mom and mother in law were absolutely amazing.  We had one child per adult and it worked out beautifully!  The girls had a great time.  Blake, not so much.  He was so afraid of every ride we went on.  He cried all through the lines and on the rides.  Even on the train.  I think we will be waiting a while before we go back to any parks like Disney!  I have never seen anything like it.  We still had a great time.
McKenna on the bumper cars.  Nana and Kourtney behind us.
Good time on the tea cups!
Blake just had to find something to climb on.
Blake was so cute before we walked up to take pictures.  He said mom, I need my ticket (it had Mickey on it).  He said, I need to give it to Mickey when I see him.  So cute.  He is usually afraid of characters.
When we left Blake got a sad look and said Mickey didn't do this (he shakes his hand in the air).  His lip puckered out and I said I tried to get you to give him a hug.  Then I showed him the pictures I took and he was happy again.
We stood in line for Woody and when they came and told us he was going to take a drink break we got out of line so I took this picture... I sorta wish we had toughed it out and waited in the 128 degree sunshine for a pic with him. 
Ran into cousin Victoria!
The picture we took right before we lost McKenna - that girl knows how to wander!

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