Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 8: Sum, sum, summertime!

Monday: Pool
Tuesday: Dunkin Donuts, drop Travis off at work, drop Blake and McKenna off at Danielle's, take Kourtney for a hair cut and to get my color fixed (I was too dark), 
 pick up kids from Danielle, pick up daddy and take him to an appointment, me and the kids to Red Lobster for lunch (McKenna picked), up to Miami for school uniforms (blah), Southland mall for school shoes, carousel, ice cream, to the office to print things, over to Nana's for bath and dinner, kids stay and mommy goes to Walmart, ran into the Nivens Family (that was fun), drove home.  Great productive day!

Wednesday: Pool, pot roast, Little House on the Prairie with Kourtney, kids put on a play about Jesus being born... super cute.  Also, Blake and McKenna have recently found their love for video games.  We've had the PS2 that Uncle Phil and Aunt Marcela gave the kids at Christmas, but have only played it here and there. Lately I've had to monitor their time on it because they want to play it all the time!  we also painted the girls' nails... pink/purple/pink/purple.  Fun stuff.
Thursday: Story time at the library.  I meant to go more than we did this summer because whenever we did we had a great time.  I think the pool just won out more than anything, which is fine with me.  Anything that expends all that energy and gives the kids so much exercise is hard to pass up.  But this day at the library we enjoyed the stories, songs, craft, and play mat time.  Always good to do things in doors.
 Thursday night we babysat Skylar.  The kids all love Skylar and even though she is not a baby anymore for some reason we cannot resist calling her baby Skylar.  We have got to stop that!  She is such an easy going kid.  Kourtney wanted to be the mommy all night.  She bathed her, dressed her, carried her around, played with her.  It was cute.  Blake enjoyed his Skylar time too.
Friday: Well Thursday night we heard that Tropical Storm Bonnie was headed our way!  So we brought in the things from our porch that may blow away, I went and got some lunch meat in case we lost power, and we were prepared for like 40 mph winds to whip through.  I slept in Friday morning and woke to a calm, cloudy day.  I thought it was just the calm before the storm.  The kids were very disappointed when we barely got a sprinkle in Key Largo.  It was okay though, we stayed home all day.  I did laundry, cleaned, packed... preparing to go out of town next week.
Saturday: Going away party for the Lucas family.  Packing, cleaning, enjoying family. 
 Sunday: Nana found a really cute outfit for our resident cowboy, Woody. (aka:Blake)  Great services, finishing packing and getting ready to head to Orlando!

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