Monday, July 05, 2010

Week 5: Friday - Sombrero Beach/Saturday

Wake up time is always exciting.  The girls anticipate our sleepyhead cousin to come out and play for the day.  Then they swarm him!  
We went to Sombrero Beach today in Marathon.  The boys went out on the ocean kayaks and the mommies stayed back at the beach with the 4 kiddos.  We watched a storm cloud behind us the whole day but never got rained on.  It was a perfect time.  It was so exciting to see the boys row back into the beach after being gone for a few hours.  Kourtney had been worried about him while he was out.
The boy slept a lot again... perfect for us!  Here is mommy trying to water him so he will grow.
Aunt Brittany loves the ocean.  She is always lots of fun out there!
After the beach we got cleaned up in the outdoor showers and headed to dinner.  We ate at Key Colony Beach.  We watched the storm cloud still off in the distance.  It was a beautiful perfect night.
Kourtney spotted this sting ray hanging out by the bridge.  She's got a good eye!

Saturday we lounged around until 3:30, headed to the pool, rushed home for a quick dinner, then went to see Eclipse on a double date.  The kids stayed home with Jessica. 

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Anonymous said...

Loved what you wrote. Perfect family time!! Beautiful pictures!! Wonderful memories for you!! -Mom