Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kourtney is a 1st grader!

She graduated from Kindergarten Tuesday night.  The funny thing was that we had watched her graduated from K4 last year (not sure why CPA did K4 graduation).  But she was just as excited this year.  I think she may expect to graduate every year.  :o

She did an excellent job in Kindergarten.  We were blessed with a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Russell.  Kourtney has turned into an avid reader and is a great student.  We also had the pleasure of being in a class of wonderful families who we enjoy hanging out with.  Here are a few pictures and videos from Kidnergarten Graduation...

The first part of the program the kids were dressed in Bible costumes and they told us stories and sang songs.
The second part was the graduation ceremony.  Kourtney was recognized (as were all of the other children) for her math, Bible, and reading achievements.  She read 14,000 lines for the year.  She also reaceived a special award for her "flare in decorating their home living area."  Hmmm...
We celebrated afterwards at Dairy Queen with Nana, Papa, Susan, and Ashleigh.  Great night!

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