Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chase Michael Webb

Kevin and Brittany (my brother and his wife) brought a beautiful baby boy into this world on May 19, 2010 (a day after his mommy's birthday!).  Chase Michael weighed 6lbs, 13 oz and was 19 inches long.  He was born around 5:30 PM (don't know exact time). 
It was quite an exciting day.  I wish so badly that I could have been there :(.  But it was the last couple weeks of the girls' school and Kourtney was supposed to graduate from Kindergarten tonight, but it was moved to next Tuesday so it just didn't work out for me to go.  But this aunt was super excited.  I have never been an aunt before!
I was on the phone with my mom most of the day.  I called every hour for an update.  I am sure I got on her nerves but I didn't care!  Brittany went in to be induced and from what I hear it could not have gone smoother.  The sad part was that Kevin was not able to be there.  He is in his last weeks of becoming a Marine.  I am so proud of him, it makes me choke up a little just typing this!  He will see Chase for the first time when he graduates June 11th. I am incredibly proud of Kevin and Brittany and all this year has held for them.  
So after being on the phone all day with my mom, and keeping up with Brittany's facebook posts from her hospital bed, I knew when she was at 10 and I knew when she started pushing.  So I am calling, checking facebook, and feeding and bathing my own kids all at the same time.  Just waiting to hear the news.  Then I happened to check Kevin's facebook page and he posted nine minutes earlier, "He's here!"  So I immediately called my mom who was in the waiting room.  I said, "He's here!"  I thought she already knew, but she didn't!  I thought it was so cool that Kevin got to make the first announcement.  So they all started scrambling to confirm.  :)  How funny that my parents were right there in the hospital but I broke the news to them.  Gotta love facebook.  I guess Kevin was able to be on the phone with Brittany (well I'm sure she wasn't holding the phone to her ear or anything) when Chase was born.  I hear he looks just like my brother.  From what I can see in pictures, I would have to agree.  He is gonne be a cutie!  While we are talking about pictures, I must say that technology is amazing.  How awesome that just moments after Chase is born Kevin can already see him.  So all day my mom would text me a picture and I would post it on facebook and tag Kevin and Brittany and her mom were doing the same thing.  Gotta love phone with cameras, texts, and facebook.  Chase is already a little fiesty.  Here he is sticking his tongue out...
The kids were all pretty excited and talked about Chase all day and even wanted to pray for him at bedtime.  It doesn't get sweeter than that.  So I am officially Aunt Kelly.  Now I just need to see him!  But I am sure daddy is feeling the same way.  Praying these next few weeks fly by for him so he can hold his little man!

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