Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Sunday

Easter weekend was a crazy one!  Saturday night I got three hours of sleep because sweet McKenna's fever was consistently around 103 with tylenol/motrin.  It was her 3rd day of fever and cough and it was not getting better.  Travis also had a fever all night (which he continued to have throughout Easter Day).  Poor guy.  So I decided in the night that I would NOT put the kids in their Easter outfits in the morning because I was going to be taking McKenna to Urgent Care during 2nd service to have her checked out.  I would just put them in their outfits the next week when my parents were in town.  Well neither of the girls were okay with that idea when morning came - not even my sick little princess.  So we got our outfits on and headed to church at 7:30 AM.  I taught Kids Life in the 9 AM service and then took McKenna a few blocks away to Urgent Care.  She had a sinus infection and got on some antibiotics.  Back to church, then over to Walgreens to fill the prescription, then to Anne's house for our fancy baked potato/chilli dinner.  Mmmm.  Then around 4 PM we headed to the Plantation Key campus. 
Here is Blake flirting with his girlfriend Jessica (she is in highschool though, not sure it would work)

He is a stud though, isn't he?!?!
Then we were off to home (a little early to get Miss McKenna in bed).  Even after all the craziness of the day I still managed to get a few cute pictures in front of our house.

Got our cute bunny bows from my friend, Joy, who has her own little bow business going on called "Little Bits of Joy."

Definately won't be forgetting this Easter.  Thankful for the sacrifice made for me by Jesus dying on the cross for my sins.  What a beautiful picture of grace.  I cannot imagine living my life without Him.

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