Monday, March 22, 2010

Manic Monday

I don't usually use my blog for a personal therapy session... but today I just need to vent!  I don't expect everyone to make it to the end of this post, but it will make me feel better to get it out!

It all started this morning when I realized I forgot to put McKenna's clean blanket in her backpack.  Mondays are "take your clean napping blanket back to school" day.  So I thought I would have lunch with her in her room and bring her home with me.  Travis and I had traded cars so I had his Bronco... which I sort of like feeling like a cowgirl in anyways.  

11:30 AM I got on US1 and started driving and noticed that the gas was low so I decided I would stop at Winn Dixie (about 7 miles away) to pick up a couple things and then get my gas before getting to the school.  When I pulled into Winn Dixie the car began to sput-sput-sputter...  I ended up in a parking spot at the back of Winn Dixie.

I called Travis and then started calling my friends-who-live-close-by-and-love-me-so-much-they-will-help-me-out list.  Matt Izzaguire was close by and such a life saver!  He picked me up and we went to the gas station that did not sell gas cans... then to Susan's house to borrow a gas can.  To the gas station.  Back to the car.  The gas can was being retarded and we had to use a pitcher to get the gas from the gas can to the tank.  We got about 1.5 gallons in.

Good.  I was on my way to school, but I first stopped to get more gas in the tank.  It was being weird spitting out at me so I just put 2 more gallons in and headed to school.  Wouldn't make it for lunch but I would make it in time to get her.  Picked her up, loaded the kids in the car and off to the house.  

1:00 PM I came over the bridge and noticed a weird sound whenever I accelerated.  My stomach sank.  Then it did it again... sput-sput-sputter... then the steering locked up and I somehow coasted off to the side of the road by the weigh station.  Ugh.  I started making calls again.  

This time my friend Susan came to my rescue.  Loaded the kids, ran up to the weigh station to tell them we had someone coming and to please not tow our car.  Then back to the house.

2:00 PM Home.  Thank God.  At least Blake would get a little nap before I would need to walk to the bus stop to meet Kourtney.  Except Blake's blanket (that he NEVER sleeps without) was in the washer.  Not only that, the washer had gone weird and the spin cycle didn't go well so the blanket was soaked.  I stuck it in the dryer for a few minutes and said forget it.  I just stuck it in bed with Blake and he woke up soaked.

2:20 PM Blake goes to bed.  I start planning out our walk to the bus stop to make sure we had what we needed.  I realized I hadn't eaten lunch so I ate a few random things.

3:25 PM Woke up a grumpy Blake and left for the bus stop.  It was a pleasant walk.  On the way there a Bronco that exactly matches Travis' drove down the road and for a few seconds I thought, what in the world is the car doing here?

All in all a really weird day. I tried to keep laughing.  I almost cried when we coasted into the weigh station.  But Susan was so sweet and came to my rescue.  I am thankful for friends.  Thankful for safety all day.  Thankful to be blogging for the comfort of my couch while my kids are sleeping soundly in bed.

All day the song "Manic Monday" was going through my head.  Kept things light for me!


Anonymous said...

I love my Pollyanna (Kelly). Always digging the best out of an unpleasant situation - something that's a blessing when dealing with this thing called LIFE.
Love you, Grammy (Mom)

Paige said...

Oh man, Kelly - that was a rough day! Glad that in the end everybody is well...just a bunch of frustrating events. Ugh!