Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My kids are stinkin HILARIOUS!

I really need to keep a pen and paper in every room so that when my kids saying something cute I can just write it down.  Every day they say the funniest things that I know for sure I will NOT forget and by the time I get somewhere to write them down I have forgotten them.   I have to do better because they are funny kids...
Me: Kourtney is there anything you want to pray for tonight?
Kourtney: Lacey
Me: Oh, is that someone at school?
Kourtney: It's the K3 fish
Me: Oh, is it sick?
Kourtney: No, it got flushed down the toilet

McKenna: Kisses never wear off
Me: Yep!  Who told you that?
McKenna: Kourtney

Blake: Mom, you GO! (he wanted me to get out of the room where the life group kids were playing)

Kourtney: I will marry Blake first and then you can marry him.
McKenna: Okay

Kourtney (to Blake): You be the dad
Blake: Ok, I the dad.  You be the baby.
Kourtney: WAHHH!!!
McKenna (to me): Now you be the sister
(they are always trading rolls and playing each other, so cute)

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