Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 14-15: Kevin's Graduation from Marine Corp Boot Camp

The last time we saw Uncle Kevin was in Destin on a family trip. The next week he headed to South Carolina for Marine Boot Camp. While he was there he missed Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. We were so happy to see him!Below is a picture of McKenna hearing "her" song, Grand Ole Flag. She thought they were playing it for her.On Family Day we got there a few minutes late to the ceremony and could not find my parents to sit with so we weren't there to see the reunion of Brittany and Kevin - and Kevin seeing Brittany visibly pregnant for the first time. Once we did find them it was really cool because Kevin didn't know we would be there so it was a surprise and I love surprises!!!Kevin's first piece of pizza in three months!Family day we got to be with him from 10-3. We walked around, went shopping on base, had a picnic lunch, and saw where he stayed during boot camp.
Joe Carter (an old friend) also flew in to see Kevin. Joe is in the airforce.Graduation Day - it was pretty chilly!
Above is McKenna. She spent most of the ceremony laying down in covers. It was really sunny and cold.

Proud of my brudda!
Uncle Kevin!!!
My parents with Kevin
We went to Savannah for lunch celebration.
Blake being the photographer
my awesome little dude
Kevin may have overdone it on food a bit - he had been so deprived for 3 months of boot camp!
Blake hijacked my icecream cone... that thing was massive!

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