Thursday, October 08, 2009

Beach pics in Destin

All three days we went to the beach and then the pool. We were never all there together... Trav was sick the first two days, McKenna does NOT like the beach and only came on day 2 by my persuasion (and when she stayed home so did my mom), Blake was out sick on day 3, and Kevin shares McKenna's dislike of the beach (we were not raised loving the beach - we camped instead... I don't think I even saw the ocean until I was 16 on a cruise ship) so he was only there on day 1. Anyways, Me, Brittany, Kourtney, and my dad were there every day. It was a gorgeous beach.
There was a purple flag flying... and yes, Brittany got stung by a jellyfish. OUCH!

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