Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I've uploaded several videos but never posted them. Here are a few...

This was the Sunday morning that it was cool out on our way to church. My poor kids never get a break from the heat. They were so excited.

Here is day 2 of "cooler" weather. Travis is gonna hate this because the grass in the yard is so long. Our lawn guy's mower broke for a couple weeks :).

Pumpkin Patch with Island Christian School

On Blake's actual birthday... singing to him and running screaming. I'm posting this despite the embarrassing state of my house. We were getting ready to tile the next week and it was a mess.

Blake opening "playdoughs"

Blake riding hotwheels on his birthday

All three kids riding and poor Kourtney on the bike that is way too small for her.

The puppet show

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Anonymous said...

Always enjoy watching my grandbabies on video. Loved how you had closed captioning of what Blake was saying in the next to the last video. -Grammy/Mom