Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We shaved Blake's head

I can't believe after all I went through to have Travis let me "trim" Blake's hair a couple months ago that today Travis said, "let's shave Blake's head!" Woah! So we went for it. Blake has gorgeous blond locks and they will grow back soon... and hopefully not be so puffy looking as his last hair cut. His shaved head does make him look older. I will miss his blonde curls but they will grow back quickly. Maybe I will do a progression of his hair growing out every Wednesday... if I can remember!FYI: shaving a toddler's head and lolipops do not go well together. I had to keep rinsing it off.
Travis said it was in honnor of vets day and of my brother joining the marines. I think he was just bored on his day off ;) Daddy loves his boy having the same haircut as he does though!
Punk Rocker!
When you ask him what happened to his hair he says, "Daddy do that."


Crystal and David said...

AWWWW...he's not a baby anymore...and that last pix in "big people" shoes makes him look even older.

Paige said...

I can't believe you shaved it all off!!! Especially after reading how much you had to go through to trim! What a cutie...