Saturday, November 28, 2009

My parents came in town

My parents drove from Robert, LA to Tavernier, FL for Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for young, healthy parents who can do that! They got in Monday afternoon and surprised the girls (who thought they would be in Tuesday) at school. It was fun. We then ate at Marker 88 on the water. That night my mom got out a little Christmas tree she brought and the kids decorated it and we put it in the girls' room. It was so nice having my mom and dad here. They babysat for us on Tuesday and we spent the day in Homestead working and then out on a date. LOVE date nights!

Wednesday it rained and poured in the keys so we decided to head to Dolphin Mall. It was crowded but oh so fun. I love mall time :). We made a stop by Bass Pro Shop for a picture with Santa. We bribed McKenna and we got lucky that Blake was sleeping so he could get in the picture with no freak outs! LOL.
Thanks mom and dad, we loved having you down here!

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