Saturday, November 28, 2009

My little Christmas tree

Ten years ago for the first Christmas that Travis and I were married we lived in a very tiny one bedroom apartment right across the street from Lee University. It was a very cute and cozy place and we loved living there. It was so small that a large tree wouldn't quite fit so we went out and bought a 4 foot tree and decorated it. It was very exciting being married and decorating our first little place. It felt so magical. Two years later we when we bought our first house in Romeoville, IL we bought a beautiful 9 foot artificial tree (if you know my history with "real" trees you understand my preference). We have put that tree up every Christmas since (except the ONE time I tried a real tree), along with the smaller one (so yes, I always had 2 trees up in my house). Until this year.

This is a year Christmas I will always remember. We moved to the keys because of the Chinese drywall in our home in Homestead. The house we are in is much smaller than the one in Homestead. There is no room for a 9 foot tree. But there is room for that really special tree we bought 10 years ago for our first Christmas. At first I felt a little sad that not all of my Christmas decorations will be pulled out this year. But then I experienced the joy of watching my kids put up their tree today. Kourtney kept saying, "this is so much fun!" They didn't care that the tree was only 4 feet tall. We had a blast.

I have learned so much this year. So much about priorities, family, and the important things in life. What wonderful lessons. I am happier than I have ever been. I love where I am. I love my family. I love my little Christmas tree. This will definitely be an unforgettable Christmas.
We also had fun relaxing outside today. What a gorgeous, perfect weekend.


daysta said...

I am so glad you can find happiness in your drywall situation. I too have had to move out of my house. We also are renting a house that is much smaller and older than the other one. My children are a senior in high school and a junior in college and I just wasn't going to put up any decorations at all. Now, after reading your heartwarming story, I may put up something to try and cheer "us" up.

Johnson said...

Awe Daysta! I am so sorry. I feel your pain! I almost cried when you said you were going to put up some decorations after reading this. I hope you do. I also hope you can find the good in this horrible situation we are in with the drywall.

We own a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house in a golf course community. It was easy to make the decision to move out of it though when my kids were plagued with bloody noses and respiratory infections. I realized all I need to be happy is my family close to me, my family's health, and my Savior, Jesus Christ! I have learned so much out of all of this mess and I pray you can find some peace and enjoy this unforgettable Christmas. The year the Chinese drywall displaced so many of us!!

Go drag some of those decorations out of storage and hug your children!


BrittanyWebb said...

Girl, I feel your pain. Although we didn't have an experience as traumatic as the chinese drywall fiasco, I too have moved into a tiny room (the one I grew up in!) and placed all my stuff in storage (while repeating to myself your famous line "it's just stuff!"). I think we're all re-evaluating our priorities and realizing that if we have family and God, we're pretty much good to go.

By the way, I have a tiny 1.5 foot Christmas tree (our first years too!) that I was not willing to go without set up in my room, and I teared up a little bit as my beautiful 7.5 foot one was placed in storage. You are not alone. Love you sister!