Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tooth tales

So we all know that Kourtney lost her tooth a week ago. She was very excited on Sunday to show off her grin. She found out on Sunday that one of her best friends, Tyler Globe, had a loose tooth too... the same exact one. They declared that they were loose tooth buddies. In fact, Tyler was the 3rd person she wanted to call when she felt the first wiggle. 1 - daddy, 2 - grammy and grandpa, 3 - tyler. We didn't call him because I lost all my numbers a while back and didn't have his mom's number.

Anyways, last night at life group she took her tooth with her in her special tooth pillow to church (without me knowing). By the end of life group she could not find her tooth. This was AFTER I had vacuumed the nursery. Daddy reassured her that we would take the vacuum apart this weekend to search for it. She was so upset.

Then today we got a message that Tyler was trying to get in touch with Kourtney because he had lost his tooth. So we called him. The first question Kourtney asked... "How much money did you get?" He got a dollar too. These kids are so cute.

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Anonymous said...

Just glad Kourtney didn't hear from a little girl at our church whose grandparents gave her $20 for a tooth! Whoo! That's steep!