Sunday, August 02, 2009

Day 3: Milan, Italy

We stayed up all night near a bus stop in Paris.The next morning we were on a bus at 6am headed to the airport and catch our flight to Milan on Ryanair. Actually the airport we flew out of was Beauvais which was like over an hour outside of Paris. Not even sure how they market it as a Paris airport.Hostels were always hard to find for some reason. This was our first one. We walked up and down a miserably hot road on ZERO hours of sleep with a weird address printed off of It took us forever to find the sign. It is somewhere in the sign above.
This was the duomo in Milan. We emerged from underground and this was what we walked up to. That was cool. Pigeons were everywhe
We only stayed one night in Milan. The next day we headed to Cinque Terre.

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