Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sunday CHICK-Kabob (times two... an on Thursday)

Sunday morning drive from the keys to Homestead.
Blake wearing his soccer outfit Daddy got him in Europe. He holding Batman. Or what he likes to call "Batbee." He says, NANANANANANANANA BATBEE!!!
Blake on his way to see his girlfriend, Lisette, in the nursery for the first service.
Daddy and his little buddyK-sqaured
Oh look who showed up on my blog... its CHRIS DAY!
August 23rd we did our Back to School Blessing service. This was the 10:30 AM service.
Good lookin kids at LPC!
August 16th we did a few baby dedications
Kids Life in Plantation Key - movie nightPhillip having a Sunday afternoon nap LOL

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved the faces my two little Princesses made in the kids' group shots. Aren't they beautiful? (As always!)