Thursday, August 20, 2009

No more bath time

I have always believed the easiest way to do bathtime is simultaneous for all the kids. Until now I throw all three kids in the tub at the same time and proceed to work my way through the kids. Shampoo/rinse/condition/rinse, shampoo/rinse/condition/rinse, shampoo/rinse (Blake doesn't need conditioner - I know there are shampoo/conditioner combos for the girls but it just never works as well). Then I let them wash their bodies with scrubbies. Squirt, squirt, squirt. Quite a routine and a little hard on my back!

Kourtney first decided to try taking a shower on her own on Wednesday night. My concern was only that she would get shampoo in her eyes so I warned her. I gave her the gentle no tears shampoo and closed the door behind me. She sang and showered for a long time and then came out all clean and happy. She declared that was the way she wanted to shower from then on.

Fast Forward to Thursday night. Kourtney showered on her own again and when she came out McKenna declared that SHE wanted to shower on her own too. I did the same thing... warned her about the shampoo, closed the door behind me. She came out a short time later and declared that SHE was going to shower that way every night too.

I have often thought of this day when all three kids would not longer be taking a bath together. I have not really wanted to lose the time of having them all there close together, playing, bubbles and water flying everywhere. But it is nice to move on to the next stage. I just want them to stop growing right now.

Blake still takes a bath, it is just by himself now. He loves it. More room to move and stretch out. All the bubbles to himself. No fighting over the pitcher.

A new day has come in this house!


Paige said...

Aw...your girls are growing up!

thecitizencane said...

Congratulations on the transition! And congrats on your anniversary. Marcela and I really love you guys a bunch.