Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st Day of School at Island Christian

This day has been a long time coming. I had mixed emotions leading up to the day. After today, I couldn't be happier. I was a bit concerned when first thing in the morning McKenna began saying she didn't want to go to school and she was tired and she didn't want to get dressed. I just pictured our morning being a huge challenge. But I just ignored her comments and just stayed positive to her. Kourtney was super excited. Wanted to get dressed right away, talked about school. Eventually McKenna just popped up - I'm ready for school! I wanna get dressed! Shew, disaster averted.
This is the night before school. Daddy had a trip the next day so he wasn't able to see them off to school. He was telling them he loved them and to have a good day! He hated missing the first day :(
Frosting cinnamon rolls
My crew! Tammy stayed the night at our house since Travis was gone and helped me with my first day of school. She kept Blake in the morning and I went to school with the girls. First day of school at Island Christian. Kourtney (age 5) in Kindergarten. McKenna (age 4) in K4.
Brushing teeth
I said McKenna pick up your tooth brush and pretend to be brusing your teeth. This was the cute pose I got.
We're off!
Saying "SCHOOL!!!" (McKenna's idea)
Mrs. Sommer's K4 classroomMrs. Russell's Kindergarten classroom
This picture cracks me up because of the fit of her outfit and the angle. Looks like her torso is 3 feet long and her legs are 3 inches long. I was not happy with the way the required uniforms fit. The shirts are very short and wide. The dresses are very wide. They swim in them even though the length is right. Hopefully they will shrink up a little bit when I wash them this week.

Dairy Queen after school. Nana happened to be at the LPC campus in the keys working so she got to go with me to pick up the girls after school.
What a mischevious look!

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