Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chocolate Fountain: Part 2

The chocolate fountain was such a smashing success last Mother's Day that we decided it needed to become a LPC tradition. It was even better than last year! Thank you Kelly Downing, Tim and Barbara Buchanan, and Anne Johnson for the wonderful treat! You can never go wrong with chocolate in my opinion.
Me with my Mother In Law and my little man
Some great LPC mamas
Robert and Pammy Hernandez & co.!!!
Gorgeous moms of LPC!
We've got some great women at this church!
Kourtney was to the chocolate as soon as the aroma hit her nose. Within seconds it was all over her and I was thinking - why did I dress the girls in white today? And why didn't I take a picture BEFORE the chcolate started flowing!

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majorhitwaves said...

How 'bout a stack of blueberry pancakes for Father's Day ?