Monday, May 11, 2009

Blake's 18 month check up

Sigh. I have a skinny boy...

Age: 18 months
Height: 33.5 inches
Weight: 23 lbs, 13 oz

All is well with the boy except that he never eats. I swear the kid can go a whole day on a few bites of nothing. Dr. Dones said I need to stop giving him to much to drink and eventually he will be so hungry that he will eat. She said toddlers that don't like to eat DO like to drink to keep their belly full. Well she is right. He DOES love to drink. So I tried her little experiment. HA! His word for drink is "gung or gunk." He follows me around screaming at me, pulling on my pants saying "gung, gung, gung." I offer him food instead and he goes into full blown tantrum mode. So, I give him a drink.

What to do?

So per the doctor's instructions I got him some pediasure. He loves it. In chocolate. I usually dillute it with whole milk to make it go further. Hopefully he will eat more, just not this week.

Other than that Blake's vocabulary has exploded lately. He can pretty much repeat whatever you tell him to. Of course his favorite sentence is "I want mama." The girls love it when they tell him to say something and he repeats it. They tell me "he is so smart, mama!"

He still loves to torture his sisters. If they pick up something he immediately wants it. If they come sit in my lap all of the sudden he wants to sit in my lap. He will push them off screaming. I try not to let him, but the girls don't mind sharing their spot so they give it up.

His favorite thing is the car. I can put him in the car and he will climb back and forth, sit in the driver's seat and put on his own seat belt. Turn on the wipers and radio and pretend like he is crusing along. He would play in their forever if I let him.

He also loves to buckle, snap, latch or insert anything he can get his hands on. He loves all of the stray cats in the neighborhood. He loves venturing off by himself in pursuit of whatever it is he is going after. He loves the dvd player in the car. He loves balls, baths, lollipops, and cuddling. He is all boy, very sweet, and I am so proud of him. Now if I could just get him to eat...


Erin said...

Eat up, Boy! He and Caden are total opposites in this respect (obviously, lol!), but sounds like they are about on the same page with the vocab. I bet if we got them together they could have quite a conversation.

What was it that the girls would always try to get Caden to say...I forgot but I know it was cute and they got a kick out of it!?

Johnson said...