Saturday, March 07, 2009

5, 3, 1... March 7th

I started thinking... one day Blake is going to be taller than the girls. So I want to start taking pictures of them standing next to each other to see them get taller and taller. Here is my first one! Maybe I will get sophisticated and put their heights too.


Anonymous said...

I like the new 'midnight blue' background of your blog as well as the new header picture up top, but as I study the new picture I see a few things:

1. You and Kourtney are looking straight-on at the camera with no fear.

2. McKenna is really worried that the bonfire is getting ready to turn into a towering inferno.

3. Blake appears to be thinking that he wishes to cook some hot dogs and hamburgers over an open flame.

thecitizencane said...

Close. McKenna is worried about the fire, Kourtney is too but not as much, and Blake wants to throw something in the fire.