Monday, February 02, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

Sunday wrap up:
  • Life Groups kick off this week and I am super excited!
  • Kelly Downing (aka "chicka-chicka", or "other Kelly") did a smash up job on her first Sunday of hosting.
  • Travis started his message series, The New Testament Challenge. I am excited about that too!
  • We put up all the names of the people we are praying for on the screen. THAT was a cool moment.
  • I read my first day of the New Testament Challenge and it wasn't as scary as I thought! It only took about 15 minutes. I loved it!
  • I worked in the nursery in Plantation Key (aka "PK")
  • We had a super bowl bash after service.
  • Kelly D's buffalo chicken concoction was out of this world. I need that recipe. By the end of the night I gave up on eating with chips and was just eating it with a fork.
  • Blake unplugged the super bowl - more on that below.
  • I was exhausted by the end of the day, but totally satisfied!
MUAH!Uncle Mattimo and the chillunsLunch time!Sporty girlsOn the way to Plantation KeyNursery budiesBlake pulled the plug on the game that had been recording during service. So... we pretty much missed the first half. Leave it to my son, right? It took like 20 minutes to get it back and running.
Here is Blake trying to help everyone figure out how to fix it!PINGPONGAlex with the ladies...Shew... what a day!


Anonymous said...

It looks like everyone had a bunch of fun even with Blake in the middle of it all:)


Ritz said...

Woooooah. I hadn't seen that picture of me in the chair doing God-knows-what with my hand. Awkward...