Monday, February 02, 2009

My picky eater

Kourtney is my pickiest eater. For instance, she doesn't like cheese or tomato sauce, but she will eat pizza. I decided after Christmas that mama don't play that no mo'. So what I make she either eats or she waits until breakfast to eat. She hasn't gone to bed hungry yet. Magically she has started liking sloppy joes, hot dogs with the bun, tomato soup, turkey sandwiches (with the crust, thank you very much), and casserole (of any form with chicken and veggies). Tonight I made lasagna and anxiously awaited her reaction. I guess she is pretty well trained now.

Kourtney: I don't like lasagna
Me: Oh well!
Kourtney: Ok, put some on my plate. [take a bite, thinks about it for a minute, face lights up] I like it!!!
Kourtney: Mom, what is this white stuff? [it was ricotta cheese, but I dare not say that]
Me: It's called ricotta
Kourtney: Oh well I like it, it tastes like chicken.

Score one for mom. I will not be a short order cook my whole life! Enough is enough!
She ate the whole plate.


Erin said...

LOL, that girl is a trip!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Mama! -Grammy

Paige said...

You go girl! It's funny how they change when 'forced'. :)