Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is Zaccheus. He is a white frog that camped out on the girls' bedroom window. He comes and goes. The girls call him their pet and named him Zaccheus because he climed up in the window.
While cleaning out the back yard the guys killed this snake (along with several scorpions - nice). Kourtney was happy to pose by it. McKenna wouldn't go NEAR it... just like Santa!I really think Kourtney was hoping they found another snake! This lizard catching girl cracks me up!


Anonymous said...

Kourtney really is BRAVE if she stood in the back yard (after the guys found a snake and scorpions) wearing FLIP FLOPS! I'm siding with McKenna on this one. And personally, I'm very glad that "Zacheus" is on the window ledge OUTSIDE. "He" looks a little eerie to me! -Grammy/Mom

Anonymous said...

She is not afraid of anything!!!!

Wish I could be like that:)


Kevin said...

What kind of snake was it???