Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Living in the Florida Keys...

We moved to Plantation Key to live at the parsonage on our church property there. It is a nice little 3 bedroom. The girls got to get a tv in their room so they feel special and mommy fit her king bed in her room so she is happy too!McKenna dancing in her bedroom
The girls' closet
Inside the girls' closet where their toys fit!
Blake's room - we left the crib and opted for a pack-n-play and toddler bed (that is really just a toy at this point)
Happy to be home
Kourtney helping me with the dishes (we don't have a working dishwasher yet). She actually thought it was pretty cool. I let her wash and then I rinsed and dried.


Anonymous said...

Glad the family is settling in. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE FAMILY, not about the home! The "dishwasher" at your new home is more beautiful than any I've ever seen! And I noticed you have a sprayer on your sink. (Oh, the little pleasures in life.) I'm proud of you guys for being so positive about this very challenging situation. -Grammy/Mom

Anonymous said...

What a big helper you are Kourtney:)