Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday night date

Travis and I don't usually go out on Saturday nights because Sundays are just big days and I like to be super organized and well rested when Sunday morning comes. However, when Tammy gave us Miami Heat tickets and said she would babysit how could we pass that up? edited to say... the setting on my camera for the outside pictures was wrong and I didn't realize it until later. So those pics are pretty blurry :(.Bernie!
It was a gorgeous night out when we left.


Anonymous said...

Apparently you two cats left WAY before the end of the game because there's like nobody else outside there with you.

Hey - Wait a minute - Who took that 6TH picture ?

The Rodriguez Times said...

Kelly- you are so darn cute, and one hot momma! Love ya!

Erin said...

Love those pics! You are such a rock star!!

Johnson said...

Thanks Erin and Tara - you guys are pretty hot mamas yourself! I have never worn a cowboy hat out in public just for the fun of it but since we had the rodeo parade Saturday and my hair was already messed up from the hat I figured what the heck!

Yes Chris, we left super early. I should have blogged this part... we left at the end of the 3rd quarter so we could get back and relieve Tammy of her duties and because we were exhausted! We had taken the metrorail and parked at the South Miami station. We waited for 25 minutes at the metrorail station for a train and by the time the train arrived the people from the game were out and waiting with us. I guess that is how they time those things. So we missed the last quarter for nothing.

Anyways, I'm not sure I'll ever ride the train to a game again. That was super annoying.