Saturday, January 31, 2009

McKenna Banana

McKenna is one of the most giving little girls. She always wants to share. If we are out somewhere and she gets to get something while Kourtney is at school she will say (in a high squeaky voice) "what about Kourtney?!?!" If there is a battle going on between her and Kourtney she is the first that will give in and give Kourtney what she wants. She is a crier. She will cry at the drop of a hat and there is no reasoning with her. She likes to color. She is always the one who reminds us to pray at dinner. She loves to sing and lately is full of way more questions than I have answers for. She is always concerned for her brother (unless she is the one tackling him or giving him a noogie). She has a million and one expressions and is definately the queen of drama in this house. She is a princess through and through. She doesn't like to get her feet or hands dirty. She loves to be outside riding her bike, walking, jumping on the trampoline, driving her car, writing on the side walk, or digging in Caden's yard. When Kourtney is reading she tries to immitate her and then thinks she is reading too. She loves Jesus, her friends, and her family. I am proud to call her my daughter!

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Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful and thoughtful! Just like you when you were young! So precious!