Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kourtney the school girl

Kourtney is LOVING that she knows how to read. My days of spelling things to Travis are just about over. She has gone ahead of her classmates and is 3 booklets away from being done with the K4 books. When she is her teacher said they will bring in the Kindergarten books for her. I am glad to know she will stay challenged and not get bored.

She still loves her yellow blankie (that she got as a baby) and will not sleep without it. She loves her hair down "at the edge" she calls it - which means in a pony tail holder at the top of her head with part of her hair in it. She also found a head band in the 75% off bin at Claire's that she LOVES and has been living in for a week. She does not like pony tails, piggie tails, or buns. Unless I can convince her which is rare. She loves to color and draw and is currently writing a book. Well she has this little spiral notebook and has been filling it up with pictures that tell a story. Quite creative this one. She loves her brother and sister. She remembers jokes and tels them back very well. She loves to play board games. She loves Jesus and loves to pray. She loves to go to church, to sing, and to be with her friends. She is a sweet growing young lady and I am proud to be her mommy!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I had not idea Kourtney could read THAT well! That was a great video of her! Thanks for posting all the wonderful pictures of the grandchildren! Love, Grammy