Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday 1/2 a CHICK-kabob

I decided to do a wrap up before the day is actually wrapped up.
- Set up has been rockin lately. People are working super hard on it before I even arrive at 8:00am.
- We had an awesome morning with 3 great services. My faithful teachers, Jennifer, Becka, Erin, and Shelli always make me so proud :). And thanks to Mariah, Madelyn, and Vanessa for stepping in to help out today.
- Travis spoke on Jonah and it was a great message.
- I just got some awesome news from some great friends that we were praying for. God is so good.
- The kids are sleeping, I'm eating/typing, about to straighten the house a bit. When they wake up I will freshen up and whisk them away to the keys for our night service. We had 112 last week and I am very curious about what we will have this week.
- Here are some pictures from the 2 yr old room that Erin took. SOOOOO adorable! Our class is over-run with boys all the time!

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