Monday, November 10, 2008

Plantation Key Sunday Night

We had a great night again in the keys. Long and exhausting, but totally worth every minute. Thanks so much to all of the volunteers who give so much of themselves from sun up to sun down! We had 117 last night.

The Aquarium (infant - 2 yrs)... we painted the fish on Saturday. Reina had the idea a while ago to trace the fish from a rug, so Annie and I traced the fish, I painted them, and Annie did the bubbles! It was fun. I'm very proud of them!
The Jungle (3-4 yr olds)... This is a very fun room. Ivy, animals, hanging leaves. The kids love it!The Party (K5-6th grade)... the kids love the huge movie wall and I love the dots!!!
The Cafe after church...


jesse said...

Major Props for the art work!!! Great job.

BrittanyWebb said...

I love the fish!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so colorful and "kid friendly." Good job on the artwork! Mom