Monday, October 06, 2008

Sunday CHICK-kabob

- What a day!!!
- Set up was great this morning! Yeah! That sets the tone for the day and it was a great one.
- I shared my testimony in all three services and got a feel for what Travis experiences every week! I attended the 8:30 service. For the 9:45 and 11:00 services I would make sure my teacher was in place, go in to speak, then go back to help in the class. It was a wildly fun morning!
- My teachers and I have noticed that lately most of our 2 yr old class is made up of boys. Where have all the princesses gone?!?!?
- It was nice to have my mom here for church. She took the girls home with her after service.
- I forgot all about Blake after church and felt like a horrible mommy! Tammy is out of town and she usually gets him. It slipped my mind today and so as I was walking towards the lobby the nursery workers came up behind me and said do you want him? Bad mom!
- After church we went over to Jason and Melissa's house say goodbye to Pam King and her family. We will miss them!
- To end the crazy day we headed to the Keys to Islemorada Fish Co. for Marcela's birthday celebration. It was a gorgeous sunset! More pictures on that later.

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Sarah Stephens said...

I can completely identify with the "forgetting" you have another child syndrome! ha! (especially on Sundays)