Monday, October 20, 2008

1st Birthday Eve

So in the days leading up to Blake's birthday he has decided to grow up and become a big boy. He walks everywhere now. He stopped nursing two days ago. Just lost interest completely. Now he has moved on to climbing on top of tables and chairs. Twice I found him on top of the girls' table today. He climbs up the chair and on to the table. Once I caught him standing on top of the girls' rocking chair holding on to the arm of the couch. He LOVES to climb. He is ALL BOY! He also had his front two teeth come down in the last two weeks. (It's about time he only has two!). I am losing my baby. That's okay though, we are having a blast! Tonight Kourtney asked me, "will Blake be able to talk tomorrow when he is one? will he walk better? do you think he will be able to say my name?"


Anonymous said...

Happy and a blessed birthday Blake. Time goes by really fast.!

Kelly you are a great moma and Trav you are an awasome papa.

May GOD always bless your family.

Love ya..


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe he is one already. It seems like he's changed overnight from BABY boy to TODDLER boy... from crawling, to walking, to climbing! He's been working really hard to get those teeth to come out too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BLAKE! -Grammy

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Blake Man! And Happy Birth-ing Day, to you, Kelly! :)