Thursday, September 18, 2008

This week in the Johnson house

-Our house is being worked on.
-There is a Hello Kitty party being planned.
-Kourtney begs to stay for nap time at school but begs me not to make her take a nap at home.
- We are anxiously awaiting the start of Survivor next week!
- Blake will walk anywhere holding on to one little finger.
- McKenna misses Kourtney in the morning.
- Blake tries to break through our rigged ghetto-gate.
- Kourtney doesn't mind homework so much anymore and breezes through it.
- Yesterday I put Blake on my bike, Kourtney was on her bike, and McKenna was on her Barbie tricycle and we all four rode over to the park. That was a lot of fun.
- Crying after reading THIS POST by my sweet sister-in-law Brittany (you will cry too, mom. BTW, Kevin said he wasn't coming for Thanksgiving, sniff, sniff. Said gas is too much)
- Need to mop my floors.
- Looking forward to taking the kids to the mall this afternoon


The Rodriguez Times said...

That would make me cry too! What a wonderful post. Living so far away from family really does stink. I'm looking forward to going to toledo for Christmas and seeing my nieces and nephews. If your in need of some snow and hot cocoa by the fire place you are welcome anytime and we can get all the girls skiing(or sledding)this time.

Johnson said...

I am always in need of snow and hot cocoa. If only my budget would allow it!


Amy Elizabeth Robinson said...

I loved Brittany's post. So sweet. Everyday that my children grow and change, I hate it more that I am so far from family.