Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday CHICK-kabob

- WE DID IT!!!!! We went to three services! It was rockin!!!!! I didn't know when one service ended and the other began! It was insane.
- I also met my goal and left the house at 7:43 with all three kids in tow.
- We made it to the theater and in to my room before 8:00.

- Set up was a mess when we got there so we had to scramble a bit to get it done, but people always jump in to help.
- Jennifer and Erin rocked the 8:30 service, Nancy, Kassandra, and I did the 9:45, and Rosa, Kayla, Mariah and I did the 11:00. All my teachers were awesome today.
- We started a new series today on Creation. Genesis 1 - In the beginning GOD created! He made all things. It was fun and interesting and the kids actually paid attention today.
- We sang "He's got the whole world in his hands" and the kids loved it! Especially Rafael Ovando. He must have already known it because he kept wanting to sing it. SOOO much fun. I don't want to lose him when he turns 3! Just about the time when they start catching on and learning they leave me!!!
- Tear down was lighting fast today thanks to Tyler and the rest of our crew. They were awesome!
- Overall it was a great day. Exhausting, but great.

Blake thinks the balloons are HILARIOUS every week!
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