Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nine Eleven -Where were you?

Nine Eleven. I have been watching documentaries all week and bawling my eyes out. What an awful day that was 7 years ago.

I was getting ready for work with Travis at our house in Romeoville, IL. I always watched NBC in the morning and the regular programming had broken away to cover the first plane hitting the World Trade Center. As I was watching I saw the 2nd plane hit. It was so surreal. On my drive in to work I listened on the radio as the south tower collapsed. One of my close friends, Carolina, lived in NYC and my first thought was of her. She could not be reached on her cell phone.

I worked for DeVry University with Paige at a 30 story building in Oakbrook Terrace. You could see the Chicago skyline from our floor and there were always airplanes flying in and out of sight. It was quite a creepy feeling that morning to NOT see any planes. It meant that something was wrong.I do remember feeling unsafe being in a tall building on that morning. They gave us the option of going home and I did. I met up with Travis and his boss and we watched news at his boss' house. I received a call from my mom who had spoken with Carolina's mom and she was okay. I learned later that she actually was able to help out with the efforts at ground zero - she was a nurse.

I remember collecting newspapers and different things thinking I was going to make a scrapbook. I also remembered the day when the thought of scrapbooking the event was overwhelming so I just stored it all away. I was able to visit ground zero when I was in NYC in 2006.
Let's say a prayer today for all the families of victims from the Trade Centers, Pentagon, and Flight 93. And let's not forget nine eleven. Where were you?


Paige said...

Kelly, I remember that day and all those feelings as well. I saw it on tv just as you had and on my drive to work my radio station was talking about still hadn't truly hit me what all had happened...I couldn't believe that an awful act this big was actually happening. I was glad that day to go home as well. John works for United and remembers the craziness that ensued there.

It is definitely a day we will never forget.

Erin said...

I was at my parent's house in the midst of last minute wedding preparations. I remember that I hardly ever turned the TV on in the mornings, but I did that day, right as the 2nd plane hit.

Anonymous said...

J.T. and I were spending the night in Pensacola (on our way home from visiting you and Trav in Chicago)-- getting ready to leave when we heard it on the tv. We couldn't believe our ears. To this day, it's still as horrific as it was then.


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to ignore the reality of today and all the images and strong emotion it conjures up. I was house sitting; and woke up all of sudden for no particular reason. I turned the tv on just as the second plane and chaos hit. The wave of helplessness and vulnerability was overwhelming. The events of that day still resonate incredulously and in some way victoriously. As the tears come even today a prayer goes to the hearts and spirits of all who were affected. May you find Holy Spirit comfort and God Bless America.


Carol Webb said...

I think every one will always remember what they where doing day.
If us older one can remember what we where doing the day president Kenny was shot. Then I am sure all of us will never forget 09/11/2001.

Emily said...

Jon and I were in class at seminary with Dr. Cheryl Johns. It was completely surreal. We didn't really understand what was happening and continued with class. It wasn't until after class that reality hit.