Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dinner with neighbors

Here are some pictures of the kids when we had dinner last week at James and Luci's house. Somehow Juliana didn't make it into the pictures :(. The kids play so well together... the big kids too. We played apples to apples and once again James beat us at our own game!


rebeccalongtemps said...

Hey there! Thanks for sharing your brother's post about the Gugliemucci guy. That's interesting, I hadn't heard that part of the story.

By the way... Reading the post before and seeing the pics of your family, makes me excited to have a family someday (just not too too soon). :) Take care!

Johnson said...

Awe, that is sweet. Being a mommy has been the best job I have ever had! Hope school is treating you well! We miss your cute face!


Luciana - "Luci" said...

we had a great time!!! need to do it more often... we love you guys... The Huaman's

James said...

Thank you for recognizing my skills :-) . It was fun playing.... and winning of course.