Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life made easier

No more hauling water from the shelf to the cart from the cart to the car from the car to the house every single week. The best part, I'm actually going to save money!!! We go through about 1.5 cases of water a week. I don't buy juice for the girls anymore, so this is all they drink (and actually Kourtney prefers water over soda when we go out now). Thanks Annie for the idea and Zephyrhills for making life easier!

I wanted to add that it was very easy to set up service. I filled out some stuff online and they were here two days later. I never even talked to anyone. The way I save is like this... 1.5 cases of water per week is 19 gallons a month and about $30.00 a month. With Zephyrhills I get 20 gallons for $30.00 (and the free delivery rocks) - so really only one extra gallon. It is a small amount that I am saving, but it is worth it to me for not having to haul water around. Oh - and the equipment rental is free as well.


Amy Elizabeth Robinson said...

Oh my gosh I want one!

Erin said...

Sweet! I'm coming over with my gallon jugs :)

Kelly Johnson said...

Haha. It's about to be hurricane season again. Be sure to stock up on MORE water!

Anonymous said...

I would adore one of those in my home, but I can't drink 20 gallons of water a month. I drink perhaps a half a liter a day of Zephyrhills natural spring water - the most delicious water here in South Florida I might add !