Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Belated Birthdays

Aunt Brittany and Uncle Phil both had birthdays recently. Sorry we missed them! We were trying not to throw up on each other around here. Aunt Brittany, we love you very much. We wish you lived closer to us. I don't think you really know how much my mom and I love you. Sometimes when we talk about how thankful we are for you marrying Kevin we start to cry.
Uncle Phil, you are a fun, funny uncle. I'll never forget when I made you an uncle for the first time (you're welcome). You were so attentive and loving towards Kourtney and me. You brought me flowers and arepas to the hospital. Thanks for loving my kids!

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thecitizencane said...

Thanks Kelly! BTW, I love the picture of the kids at the top of the blog.