Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why I blog - who will I marry?

I don't want to forget things like this. These times are so precious. My mom had told me of a similar conversation she had with Kourtney over Christmas. This was my first hand experience...

Kourtney: Mommy, how will I find a boy to marry?

Me: Well, when I was younger Grandpa and Grammy used to pray with me that I would find the right man to marry. Then I met your daddy and he was perfect for me.

Kourtney: Well, we haven't done that in a while.

Me: Done what?

Kourtney: Pray for a boy for me.

Me: We'll do it tonight.

Kourtney: Okay.

She has also mentioned marrying her brother. I tell her she can't and she says she doesn't want anyone else getting him.
How did I get so blessed? She is such a thinker and so innocent!


Anonymous said...

She is such a thinker soooo, keep her thinking that GOD will show her who she is going to marry. I had almost the same conversation with Vanessa but she is 11 years old already...scary

the real travis johnson said...

this picture and story makes me love her even more...I'll beat the first kid that lays a paw on her (with his own arm).

The Major said...

So much for the 'kindler and gentler' (real) Travis Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Poor girls, they will never be able to go out, have dinners, or go to school without Travis (wearing a LIFE-POINTE shirt inside out just in case)and carrying a bit stick or bat, what ever is handy LOL....