Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Walgreens bust

I was checking out at Walgreens yesterday on Campbell and US1 when someone ran in and said, there are like 5 cop cars out there and they have their guns pulled trying to get someone! That freaked me out enough to wait a few minutes before going out. I was with all 3 kids by myself! By the time I did go out, there were 5 guys on the ground hand-cuffed.

Travis has trained me to take pictures of everything, so I grabbed these pics after I got to my car. I was afraid while I was doing it that I was doing something wrong. Kourtney said, mom, why are they under arrest? I had no idea, but it was a little freaky!


Anonymous said...

Kelly you are so brave to take pictures and have all three kids with you?
I would go the other way, way fast:)


Travis Johnson said...

It was only after everyone was in hand-cuffs that I did it! I really didn't see the guns pulled out - I stayed inside!