Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I don't have time for this!!!

So Travis and I were driving up to IKEA last Friday and saw a billboard on I-95. Travis said, man, it looks like someone vandalized that billboard pretty bad. Then I looked closer (as I had time to do sitting still on 95) and saw this...

The billboard started out looking like this...

Knowing that Oceanic is the airline from LOST, I knew what was happening. It is part of "The Lost Experience" (TLE) that the writers and producers of LOST have so brilliantly come up with. It is like an interactive experience for fans to solve mysteries and get totally wrapped up in. Last year I spent way too much time involved in it. I just don't have time for it this year (with three kids and all) and I want to so badly!!!

I can tell from the non-responsiveness on my blog that NONE of my friends out there watch LOST like I do (except Kevin and Brittany)... but you still have a chance! Go rent the first 3 seasons and catch up! Here are the TLE websites to peak your interest...


I so wish I had time to waste on my message boards and chasing the clues. I can't wait for January 31st!!!!!

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