Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bug bite

Mom, I know you want to see the bug bite! So here it is. The puncture is at the top. Then there is a circle of light purple, a circle of red, and a circle of pink. This picture doesn't do it justice. It spans the width of my hand. Doctor said it is not infected and told me what to watch for. It doesn't itch or hurt, so that is good.

When the nurse took us back and said so what is wrong today, McKenna announced very loudly, I have a bug bite! She was also telling everyone in the waiting room that she had a bug bite. It was cute.


Erin said...

Uh oh! Hope she didn't get that at the park yesterday! What is it with evil child-eating bugs in this neighborhood???

Travis Johnson said...

She actually had it before you went to the park, it just didn't look like that yet!


Anonymous said...

Is the bug bite any better?