Monday, October 22, 2012

Kourtney's 9th Birthday

Where has the time gone?  Just yesterday I was leaving the hospital with my very first baby and now she is in her last year before she hits the double digits!  Life is flying!  And being her mommy is amazing.  She is such a smart, fun girl.  She is a dare devil - willing to do and try anything.  She is smart - always amazing me with her academics.  She is passionate - about things she loves.  She is a reader - always with a couple books going at the same time.  For her birthday this year she had her best friend, Gracie, stay the night.  We went to Olive Garden (where we celebrated Aunt Marcela's birthday too) and shopping.  Then we had some cake at the house.  It was a great time.

 Facetime with Grammy and Grandpa

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