Monday, May 09, 2011

I promise to be a better blogger...

I always regret not making time to document these precious days with my kids while they are young.  I know one day I will look back and want to remember these days!  So I want to commit to doing one post a week like I did last summer.  The problem I have is I take pictures on my phone and my camera.  So getting them all uploaded is a pain, but worth it.  So here are so pictures I found floating around on my computer that I don't want to forget!
This was my favorite "thing" that came out of PACE this year.  McKenna made a ceramic of Kassie, our Welsh Terrier.  She did an amazing job and I will cherish it forever!
Here is Kourtney's duck
And a model of McKenna laying on the beach with a side pony tail
 McKenna's duck
Travis' zebra stripes from riding his bike in the sun
B-man eating icecream at Dolphin Mall
Riding the pony at the Mexican Market
Our Princess/animal lover
Our go-round with pink eye.  Fun times.
St. Patrick's Day.  We hit the park with some friends :)
We call these "Jesse from Prancer" braids.  Because there is also "Jesse from Toy Story" braids.  :)

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