Saturday, May 07, 2011

Grandpa and Grammy visit

I am so blessed!  Despite the fact that my parents (who I love so much) live 14 hours away we still get to see each other so much.  They come here for Thanksgiving and Easter and we travel there at Christmas and usually in the summer.  So during our annual Easter visit we got to do so much this time!  The picture above is us at Dolphin Mall.  My favorite mall in the whole wide world :)

Monday - kids eat free at Sonny's BBQ, pool, LPC softball game
Tuesday - Pool
Wednesday - Zoo, kids eat free at Buffalo Wild Wings
Thursday - Pool
Friday - Dolphin Mall (we were going to take the train downtown to Bayside but it was raining)

These were little duckies by the pool in my community.  So cute.

This is some crazy sunblock my mom found.  No where on the stick did it say anything about being blue.  I thought it would dry and turn clear, but quickly realized it was blue for good.  The purpose is so moms know when the sunblock is gone.  I think you are only supposed to do cheeks and noses.  But for a day my kids looked like Avatar children.
And my parents were able to attend one of Blake's football games.  Unfortunately it was BLAZING hot on this morning and so humid.  Yuck.  But the kids never seem to mind!
Hanging on the sidelines with Grandpa
Nice shadow
We also made it to the zoo! 
We rented a bike this time and it was so worth it!  We loved it!!!  Worth every penny.
 Blake got to meet Diego
We spent a lot of time at the pool.  Almost every day.  My community pool is amazing.  Grandpa was a ton of fun, just like when I was little!
My dad spoke at LPC on Sunday.  First time preaching in a theater!  He did awesome.  I love my dad.  He is such a great speaker.  I love that he is a genius superstar when it comes to the Bible and if I ever have a question I know he knows the answer :)
Three generations of girls
 And a couple videos...

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