Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This week...

A few weeks ago I checked in on the girls after I had tucked them in.  They have bunk beds and Kourtney has always slept on the top and McKenna on the bottom - the bottom is a full size.  When I checked on them I found them sleeping together.  I decided to check back the next night, and the next.  Sure enough, they were together every night sleeping in McKenna's bed.  I decided to ask them about it.  McKenna said, we just sleep better that way now.  I never had a sister but I am sure glad these girls have each other as best friends.  They can sleep together for as long as they want!
Blake got a splinter in his foot.  He has had so much medical trauma lately I think he is scarred for life.  He did not want us going near his foot.  Not even with our eyes to look at it :).  So he tried to get the splinter out himself.  He worked really hard on it.  In the end, I had to sit on him while daddy got it out. 
Kourtney went into my closet and came out looking like a cowgirl.  I'm raising her right.  Isn't she pretty!?

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